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Major Client Selling has helped many companies overcome challenges and increase sales. To read case studies about a selection of our clients' successes, follow the links below:




We at Major Client Selling have a long and successful history of helping companies increase sales. Testimonials to our work from some of these companies are excerpted on this page:



"As you know, the nature of our business requires many of our technical people be closely involved in specific potential new business projects. Initially, many of these technical people were very skeptical about taking any kind of marketing training. I'm pleased to report that you were able to favourably impress these skeptics and get them to participate in new business initiatives.

"We were particularly impressed by your approach to 'Intelligent Questioning' as an alternative to our previous method of trying to just tell customers how wonderful we are. Your 'Structured Customer Meetings' session also impressed our people with the need to focus on achieving a significant sales advance for each customer meeting.

"My staff have been very enthusiastic about the training and the benefits that they have received. I'd be happy to provide a reference for your programs at any time."

- Senior Vice President, General Dynamics


"In our business, many diverse functions must work together as a team for us to succeed in the marketplace. In the Seminar, we had technical staff, finance and administration, management, and sales and marketing jointly participating in the case study projects.

"Some of the individual comments on the Seminar included:

  • 'incredibly well targeted'
  • 'a good practical approach'
  • 'very good material'
  • 'very informative and useful'
  • '. . . GREAT course'

"Considering the range of interests and backgrounds of the participants, the overall Seminar rating of 90% was excellent.

"Please feel free to have people contact me regarding our use of The MCS Group for Strategic Business Development."

- General Manager, Hughes Aircraft


"Over two years ago, Cansel Survey Equipment initiated a project to improve the effectiveness of our sales force, and contracted Don Linder of Major Client Selling to assist us in improving:

  • how our customers view the value of dealing with Cansel
  • how our sales reps focus on planning for success

"The results of this project have been excellent:

  1. Our revenues have increased by 35% without adding additional staff.
  2. We have won a number of significant contracts that we would clearly have lost without this sales training.
  3. Many of our sales staff have improved their personal effectiveness dramatically.

"As an example, one of our branch managers had this reaction: 'Don's Managing Sales Success program helped one of my top sales reps increase the time he spends on vital sales activities from 25% to over 75%.'"

- Vice President, Cansel Survey Equipment


"These programs contributed to the overall revenue growth (15%) of Amtec Engineering and to our growth (35%) in new license sales in the North American market during the period. This was quite an outstanding performance considering the difficult economic times."

- President, Amtec Engineering


". . . on the first day after your course . . . one of our sales rep used your Advanced Sales Strategies to pull off a miraculous save of a significant order that we had been told that we'd lost."

"All of our staff have been very enthusiastic about the training and the benefit that they have received."

- Vice President, Cansel Survey Equipment, (Second Letter)


". . . the major success . . . is the focus on the practical, rather than the theoretical, side of selling major accounts."

"The skills you have imparted have become part of our corporate culture . . . "

". . . has helped us more clearly communicate . . . in key strategic situations."

- Vice President, Spectrum Signal Processing


"Our Return on Investment . . . has been tremendous."

- Control Data


". . . the multi-part case study was the most outstanding part of the seminar."

". . . rated by our sales team as a GREAT SEMINAR."

- Digitech Information Services


". . . rate the training as excellent and very good value."

- Hitachi Data Systems


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