Strategic Programs:
Strategic Customer Planning

Strategic Customer Planning is a comprehensive sales development program designed for those companies that sell value-added products and services to large customer organizations. Designed to improve your profitability in these challenging selling environments, the program focusses on attacking these dilemmas:

  • we lost / our price was too high!
  • we don't understand the decision making process
  • sales forecasts are never met
  • major discounts are always needed
  • new customer business is rarely won
  • the best technical solution didn't win

Advancing beyond traditional sales training, Strategic Customer Planning focusses on the strategic and tactical skills critical for successfully negotiating the sales "maze" of changeable buying criteria, multi-department / multi-level approvals, and unclear decision making processes. Traditional sales concepts that are counter - productive in this environment are identified and new concepts introduced. Areas of focus include:

  • Differentiating your products and your company
  • Understanding and measuring the contribution your product makes to your customer's business
  • Effective contact with your customer's executives
  • Understanding your customer's decision making process
  • Influencing the decision making process for mutual benefit

Highly competitive fields where these concepts and methodologies have been successfully applied include digital signal processing, information services, computer aided design and analysis, supercomputers, and document imaging.


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Strategic Programs

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