Strategic Programs:
Executive Selling

Calling higher and more broadly in your client's organization will result in a variety of benefits including:

  • earlier visibility of new business opportunities
  • a better understanding of your customer's decision making process
  • identification of indirect competition
  • a clearer view of the benefits your product can provide for your customer in their marketplace
  • executive sponsorship of your sales campaign with the rest of your customer's organization

Executive Selling is a unique sales development program that ensures your sales force is highly productive in communicating with all levels of your major customers.

The program focuses on the why, when, who, what, and how of calling higher in your customer's organization. Using a combination of case studies and role-playing sessions, the seminar provides instruction on the specific activities necessary to arrange the executive appointment, on how to structure the sales call, on determining the message you want to portray, and on the optimum techniques for presenting the message during the executive sales call. Overcoming the dilemma of moving up in your customer's organization without damaging rapport with current contacts is the focus of one session.

Executive Selling uses a combination of case studies and role-playing to form an Executive Sales Simulation.

Your sales force hears customer executive issues about buying complex products and services from the perspective of real C level executives. They also perform simulated customer meetings with these CEOs, CFOs and CIOs. Through constructive feedback from the executives, sales performance in executive meetings is greatly enhanced.


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Strategic Programs

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