Strategic Programs:
Behaviour Styles

Recognizing and adapting to
your customer's behavioral style
is a critical skill for the
professional sales person!

In the past, a sales person would predominantly make contact with one department (ie. Information Services, Engineering, etc). As a result, he or she would usually deal with only one style of customer, and would learn to effectively communicate with only that style. In fact, many organizations frequently hired sales people with the same background and style of the target customer contact!

With today's more complex sales environments, it is imperative that the sales person contact a much wider variety of people within a customer's organization and communicate regarding the beneficial effect of their products and services on their customers' business issues.

To effectively communicate with this variety of contacts, the sales person must quickly recognize the behavioral style of their contact and adapt their communications to their contact's style.

Our workshop, Behavioral Styles, teaches your sales force to:

  • understand the four behavioral styles
  • determine their personal styles
  • quickly recognize the style of their customer contacts
  • adapt their communication to their customer's style
  • practise their adaptation through a role-playing exercise


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