Strategic Programs

After reviewing your selling environment with you, we custom tailor a development program to help with your company's specific sales challenges using modules from our core programs. Our programs are all highly interactive, allowing your sales force to work in teams planning how to apply our advanced concepts to their specific sales challenges.

Selling Distinctive Value
"Many companies claim their distinctive value in general terms without realizing these terms are neither distinctive nor have specific value to their customers. . . ." (more)
Strategic Customer Planning
"Strategic Customer Planning is a comprehensive sales development program designed for those companies that sell value-added products and services to large customer organizations. . . ." (more)
Executive Selling
"Calling higher and more broadly in your client's organization will result in a variety of benefits . . ." (more)
Managing Sales Success
"One of the keys to sales success is ensuring that your sales force concentrates on the critical activities that produce the financial results you must achieve for your business to prosper. . . ." (more)
Behaviour Styles
"With today's more complex sales environments, it is imperative that the sales person contact a much wider variety of people within a customer's organization and communicate regarding the beneficial effect of their products and services on their customers' business issues. . . ." (more)

Client Successes

"incredibly well targeted"
- Hughes Aircraft

"staff have been very enthusiastic"
- General Dynamics

"results . . . have been excellent"
- Cansel

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The Seven Deadly Mistakes That
Cause You To Lose Large Sales

Navigating through the "maze" of a large complex sale can be confusing. But it doesn't have to be.

Seven Deadly Mistakes coverGet 22 pages filled with information about what causes the most common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them. Learn about mistakes such as Failing to Confront Reality, No Business Case and Wasting Resources on Poor Opportunities.

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