Shocked By A Customer’s Decision? Are You Having Unpleasant Surprises Because You’re Failing to Influence Customer Executives?
“Have you ever lost a major contract after having been assured by the customer contacts who would be using your product and by their technical evaluators that you were going to win the contract? . . .” (more)
Understand Your Customer
“Are you missing significant opportunities because you’re not applying these 7 keys to defining your true value? . . .” (more)
Confront Reality
“Where do we stand? What will it take to win this major contract? Executive management must continually ask these questions of their sales teams. . . .” (more)
Bad News Early is Good News: Confront Reality or Lose
“Executive management must use a structured process to guide the sales team. You must have a realistic picture of your present position . . .” (more)
Confused by a Strategic Customer?
“It’s a big challenge to travel through the often political “maze” that best depicts selling to larger customer organizations. . . .” (more)
Delayed Sales Are Killing Us!
“What really causes customers to delay decisions? The customer thinks the solution is more expensive and more painful than living with the problem. . . .” (more)
Just received an RFP that you don’t like? Letting the customer define the solution?
“Have you ever had a potential customer issue a rigidly defined request for proposal that doesn’t fit well with your normal product or solution? Or, even worse . . .” (more)
Lost a Big Sale Recently?
“What happens when you lose a big sale? There are always early signs of trouble such as . . .” (more)
Winning the Big Order that You Lost
“Think back to a time when you found out that you had won a big order. Pleasant, wasn’t it? Now think back to another time when . . .” (more)
Your Price is Too High!
“How often do you hear this phrase from your customers? Once an hour, once a day, once a week? Most sales people, when they hear ‘Your Price is Too High’, think . . .” (more)
Your "Crown Jewels"?
“Your company, like almost all technology companies, focuses on developing and carefully guarding your ‘crown jewels.’ Unfortunately, the ‘jewels’ that you’ve focused on are likely your unique . . .” (more)
Selling Technology
“Maintaining differentiation based on product innovation is becoming increasingly more difficult. Customer demand for standards-based products and the ready availability of basic electronics to . . .” (more)
We Missed Our Sales Forecast
“Everyone in business dreads hearing the words ‘We missed our sales forecast.’ We all know that this statement will likely result in a variety of . . .” (more)
Business Development for Professionals - Part I
“We can all agree that selling a professional service is quite different than selling a product. To start with, you can’t demonstrate your ‘product’ and . . .” (more)
Business Development for Professionals - Part II
“Now, let’s discuss what is needed to ‘sell’ your services. ‘Selling’ has, of course, a lot of negative connotations such as in the term "used car salesman." Selling though is critical . . .” (more)

Client Successes

"These programs contributed to the overall revenue growth (15%) of Amtec Engineering and to our growth (35%) in new license sales in the North American market during the period. This was quite an outstanding performance considering the difficult economic times."
- Amtec Engineering

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The Seven Deadly Mistakes That
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