About Major Client Selling

"Major Client Selling assists our clients to
increase profits in challenging markets"

In today's highly competitive markets, most organizations are facing major challenges:

  • remaining profitable through periods of rapid growth
  • refocusing to regain lost market share
  • major pressure on profit margins
  • unreliable sales forecasts

Through our structured concepts and methodologies, we assist in improving the strategic, tactical, management, and sales capabilities of your company resulting in:

  • Focused strategies
  • Improved new business success rate
  • Stronger customer retention
  • Reduced discounting
  • More accurate sales forecasts
  • Increased sales confidence

Augmented by our affiliations with leading international consultants, we offer:

Our Consultants all have extensive senior management experience in highly competitive advanced technology fields, with success in numerous "start up" and "turn around" situations where staff focus and customer confidence had to be quickly achieved. We assist your company address these Key Market Priorities:

  • Differentiating your products and your company
  • Understanding and Measuring the contribution you make to your customer's business
  • Selling effectively to your customer's executives
  • Understanding your customer's decision making process
  • Influencing their decision making process for mutual benefit

Our Clients are primarily from the advanced technology sector including large companies (Hughes Aircraft, Hitachi and Control Data) and rapidly growing companies (Spectrum Signal Processing, Dynapro and Cansel Survey Equipment).

Client Successes

"incredibly well targeted"
- Hughes Aircraft

"staff have been very enthusiastic"
- General Dynamics

"results . . . have been excellent"
- Cansel

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